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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clinton County, Ohio, Shows Vision for Sustainable Economic Development

Today's local development note comes from Clinton County, Ohio, population 43,200, where a few letters to the editor snowballed into Energize Clinton County, a grassroots local economic development organization. Two local twenty-somethings formed the organization in response to the loss of over 7,000 jobs at the DHL hub in Wilmington, the county seat. When the going gets tough, the tough get... green!

Yup, green figures prominently in Energize CC's vision statement:

We believethat the future of our community is in sustainable development which promotes economic, environmental and community well-being.

We believe that local growth begins with local businesses.

We believe that sustainable development is a collaborative process which actively includes leaders of all community sectors and people from all walks of life.

We believe
that policies that promote the green economy and energy efficiency will create innovative, sustainable, high paying jobs for our community, save people money during difficult economic times, and improve our community’s health and environment.

Sustainable development... local business... now there's a document I'd be happy to see Madison's LAIC plagiarize!

Among Energize CC's achievements so far: promoting the nation's first Green Enterprise Zone, which the Wilmington City Council just passed last Thursday. The GEZ will provide financing for local businesses investing in energy-efficient technology, reduce permit fees for green projects, and focus on recruiting green businesses.

Now Madison is getting an LEED-certified building in the new Heartland HQ east of the white buffalo. But since that April announcement, what are the LAIC's big economic development headlines?
"Outlaw" country music, artificial waterfall, flower baskets.

Well, I guess those flower baskets have some green.

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