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Friday, July 17, 2009

GOP House Candidate Wasson Responds: Lady Leaders O.K., Tiller Killer Also Terrorist

Newly declared GOP House candidate Thad Wasson is on a new media tear this week. He announces his candidacy on Dakota War College, gives Dakota Voice a lengthy interview, and now responds to the nagging questions of this leftist gadfly. Will Chris Nelson and other GOP contenders for Stepahnie Herseth Sandlin's seat be so vigorous in their pursuit of online press? We can only hope.

To my relief, Mr. Wasson has offered reasonable answers to two questions offered here to test just how deep (or crazy) his social conservatism may be. First, he says his church's position that women should not exercise authority over men applies only in church. He has no problem with women serving in secular leadership positions: to my list of powerful South Dakota women, he adds, "Margaret Thatcher from Great Britain was also a leader of men."

Second, Wasson responds to Angie B's sharp question yesterday about whether he considers the murderer of Dr. George Tiller a domestic terrorist. The candidate's position:

Yes, I consider the man who shot George Tiller a domestic terrorist. He could have killed many more in that church, I am glad that he was arrested [Thad Wasson, e-mail, 2009.07.16].

I can live with that answer, but I still can't swallow his characterization of the Greenpeace Rushmore protesters as domestic terrorists. His response reflects a bit too much of that familiar conservative fearfulness:

For the Mt. Rushmore attack, I hope it was only a stunt but it might have been a dry run for something worse. My concern is for the public, I would like Greenpeace to have their assets seized to pay for the court costs and damage to our National Monument [Wasson, e-mail, 2009.07.16].

Every statement Greenpeace has made has indicated they intended no harm to the monument. They took clear precautions to avoid such harm. To suggest they have "something worse" planned is unwarranted fearmongering... which makes Wasson a perfect fit with the Republican Party.

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