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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Republicans Launch Immediate Personal Attacks on Heidepriem; Ugly Campaign Ahead

Words matter. So when Democrat Scott Heidepriem announces his candidacy for South Dakota governor, what are the first words out of the state GOP?

Heidepriem, a millionaire trial lawyer in Sioux Falls best known for suing South Dakota taxpayers to force a tax increase, has been busy implementing his plan to look like a man-of-the-people:
  • canceling his country club membership;
  • selling his BMW;
  • selling his mansion in Sioux Falls;
  • hiring man-of-the-people image guru Steve Jarding.
"Heidepriem's phony image-building scheme should not fool anyone," said South Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Lucas Lentsch. "After decades of being a Republican Party spokesman and running for Congress as a Republican, voters should ask if Heidepriem was being more phony then or more phony now. Voters should know that this fast-talking trial lawyer will do or say anything to get elected," Lentsch added.

The GOP is evidently taking its cues from the South Dakota Republican bloggissariat. Not a word about specific policies. Not even a link to substantiate any of their invective. Just more of the tired ad hominem anti-elitism and class warfare that Republicans waged and failed with against Barack Obama last year.

Oh well. When the GOP has no practical solutions and no new ideas for governing South Dakota in the 21st century, we can expect them to try distract us from looking at their actual record with phony peronsal attacks against Democrats.


  1. And you've never tried to label anyone as wealthy? John McCain, Sarah Palin, Russell Olson, etc. Maybe the chickens are coming home to roost.

  2. Get those chickens away from me. If the only thing I can say about a candidate is that he/she is rich, then I don't have much to campaign on. (Remind me of this when I bag on whatever rich guy the GOP runs in 2012!) And if this is the best the GOP can do, they just might lose this election. Let's hope for wiser, more substantive campaigning.

    But it's ironic that the GOP, which praises the pursuit of wealth, would turn around and criticize someone who has succeeded in that pursuit.

    Sure, Heidepriem's got more money than I do (just like the four GOP candidates). I take greater umbrage at this baloney about "phony image-building."


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