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Sunday, July 26, 2009

South Dakota Blogosphere Open House: Thanks for Coming!

I had a wonderful time hosting yesterday's South Dakota Blogosphere Open House—thanks to everybody for coming! As a special treat, Matthew Trask of Hubba's House provided some splendid spontaneous videography. Among the highlights:
  • We maintained tradition, with yet another blogger bailing from a kayak for baptism in the rich waters of Lake Herman.
  • Two kinds of potato salad: rich and creamy from Howard, sweet and natural from Vermillion!
  • We discovered you can effectively reheat enchiladas in the fire pit.
  • David Montgomery is really good with kids (thanks for taking on the role of youth entertainment coordinator, David!)
  • State legislator Gerry Lange brought homemade spicy vegetable juice. We plan to market it for his next campaign: "G-8: Good for you, and good for District 8!"
  • Among the blog readers who attended, one fan graced us with his telepresence from Iraq (Joe! Duck!).
Among the many fine linkable folks who attended (in order of when they got here!):
Count my wife and me, and you've got ten South Dakotans doing interesting (well, we think so!) things with the Web. Check out their sites—I hope you'll enjoy their Web content as much as I enjoyed their in-the-flesh company yesterday.

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