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Monday, August 3, 2009

Excess Packaging Alert: Tiny Snacks, Big Plastic

Today's trip to the grocery store brings this excessive packaging alert:

Mmmm... peanut butter cups, complete with their own very large plastic biodome:

The snack-to-package ratio here looks like the person-to-floor space ratio in those McMansions out at Lake Madison.

I know, I know, the gals in the Jubi-Shine bakery probably just had a whole lot of old containers they had to get rid of. Getting at least one use out of those packages is better than just pitching them. But hey, if we're going for excess consumption, how about getting our money's worth out of that plastic, stacking up those cups, and selling some 24-packs? Yum!


  1. One time use? I would think that an inventive gardener could rescue said packages, and use them as starter planters...plus you would get to eat the peanut butter cups!

    P.S. Did you have to ask permission before taking the photos inside the store? When I worked at K-Mart, we were told not to allow people to take pictures inside the store without asking.

  2. That's my Joe, making lemonade out of lemons....

    Photos? Permission? I'm taking my camera to K-Mart. It's a recession: they won't throw a paying customer out for a little thing like citizen journalism, will they?


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