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Friday, August 14, 2009

Heartland Updates Stonehenge in Madison

Hey, what's that on Highway 34 on the way into Madison from the east?

Is it a new architectural wonder, a modern Stonehenge to complement the great white buffalo?

Ah, it's the first walls of the new LEED-certified Heartland Consumer Power District headquarters. Very cool: not only energy efficient, but aligns nicely with the stars. Hmmm... must have been designed by pagans... watch out for weird solstice rituals!

See more pix on HCPD's twitpic account!

p.s. (20:55 CDT): Heartland's "grass" is looking a bit shaggier than six inches. What do you suppose the odds are of the city issuing a citation on that unkempt property?

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