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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learn to Park! South Dakotans Color Outside the Lines

Hat tip to Jeff Martin, who Facebooks this video of bad parking in Aberdeen, courtesy of Lonestar's Jason Robinson and Keech Rainwater:

It's interesting how slight automotive improprieties rouse us to such ridicule. I do the same thing, shouting "Learn to park!" at kittywampus cars from behind the safety of my rolled-up window. I almost never yell similar things about the way my neighbors walk or sit or bicycle. Why are we so hypersensitive about each other's automotive behavior?


  1. Oh OH! I thought this was going to be about my parking. I am guilty of parking like the white car slanted into a parking place in SF last week. I thought about moving it but there were plenty of spaces open in the lot. Sometimes we have to park wrong because the whole line is wrong anyway. I'll try harder next time. LOL


  2. Thanks, Mom! But remember: just because all the other kids jump off a cliff, that doesn't mean you should too.

  3. If there is plenty of room in a lot, fine. If you are parking that way in the Walmart parking lot, NOT FINE!

    Linda M

  4. At least I owned up to this. I goofed and got jabs from grandpa too. I'll never do it again!


  5. Motor vehicles, like the Internet, allow people to "act out" with a certain anonymity, a certain cloaked aspect, a certain here-this-second-and-gone-the-next impermanence, as if we were all mere wraiths, untouchable ...

    ... as in, "F### you, world! Whatta ya gonna do about it?" ...

    ... and the world says nothing, and in fact doesn't give a s###.

    In recent years, I've noticed a general social trend towards ramped-up rudeness and rage, especially from people who can hurl their venom without facing down their targets in close, real-time, Euclidean proximity.

    My defense: Resolve to evolve in the opposite sense by cultivating a sense of (Dare I use the word?) empathy. God loves us all ...

    I'm no psychologist, but I think my radical college roommate (c. 1974) had it right when he developed his "Theory of Social Entropy." His notion was that societies become increasingly chaotic as they age, and the same is true of the entire human population; eventually, utter disorder and darkness will prevail.

    Have a nice day! :-)


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