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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let Feds Take Over Health Insurance? Heck Yeah, Says Rep. Weiner!

Jackie's right: this interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner is great! Rep. Weiner lays it on the line: he wants Medicare for every American. No triangulation, no compromise, no muddled message, just the kind of beautifully straightforward, practical arguments that Dennis Kucinich won me over with five years ago.

Key points:
  • It's not about Left or Right: it's about saving money.
  • Insurance companies aren't bringing value to the transaction.
  • Medicare and the VA don't exclude pre-existing conditions: government health coverage is thus clearly more humane than private for-profit insurance.
Even subpar interviewer Joe Scarborough recognizes that Weiner can take what some want to portray as an extreme position and lay it out with crystal clarity and no deceptive or flaming rhetoric. National single-payer health insurance just makes sense.

Dems getting ready to go it alone on health care? Saddle up! Cooperatives don't appear to have the muscle to produce solutions. Why go for an ill-defined, untried compromise (that Republicans won't buy into anyway) when we could try a public option that works in some form or another in every other industrialized country? Do your own thing, Dems; besides, America loves rugged individualists... ;-)

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