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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Madison Car Dealer: Whole State Happy About Cash for Clunkers

Pat Prostrollo really loves Cash for Clunkers. He loves it so much he'll let his general sales manager John Draper go on statewide television to say Obama and those Democrats in Washington are doing a spectacular job for the whole darn state.

Well, Draper didn't say exactly that... but close enough!

At Prostrollo Auto Mall in Madison, there's little doubt how everyone feels about "Cash For Clunkers."

"We're happy, customers are happy, and I think the whole local and state economy is happy because it's bringing in more business and more tax dollars," said John Draper, Prostrollo's General Sales Manager

Draper believes the auto industry has been steadily improving over the year. Along with lower gas prices and financial bailouts, the "Cash For Clunkers" program has helped revive his business.

"It was slow," Draper admitted. "Part of it was people were concerned about the viability of GM and Chrysler because of the bankruptcy. But now that that's handled, a lot of customers have some faith now there's going to be a dealer in their town" [David Brown, "Clunkers Help Small-Town Dealerships," KELOLand.com, 2009.08.08].

Everyone's happy. Whole state economy is better off. Pesky GM and Chrysler bankruptcies are handled. Dang—sounds like a mighty vote of confidence in Washington to me!

Minor media quibbles:
  1. Hey, David Brown, who you callin' "small-town"? We're Madison, the 13th biggest city in the whole state of South Dakota! And did you see the size of the Prostrollo Auto Mall (not to mention that big white buffalo)?
  2. Send the sports guy to do news, and what do you get? "'There's a lot of confidence for the community and the people working at the car dealership and directly, for other businesses that are depending on the automobile business," Draper said. Which puts Madison squarely in the driver's seat." Ugh! Sentence fragment... and the figure of speech doesn't even make sense tacked onto the end of this quote. Call the Saturday editor!

1 comment:

  1. Saturday editor? That made me laugh!

    An editor at TV station is a person who edits video. It would be up to a producer most likely to check the reporter's script, something that doesn't happen enough in my experience.


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