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Monday, August 10, 2009

Take the South Dakota Nurses Assoc. Health Care Survey

Between visits to Congresspeople and blogs, why not tell the South Dakota Nurses Association what you think of health care? I noticed an ad from the group in the Madison Daily Leader last week encouraging folks to take their online survey on health care access, quality, and awareness in South Dakota.

I'd give the direct link to the survey, but that might goof up their results. So go to SDNursesAssociation.org, then look for the "Primary Health Care for South Dakotans Survey" link in the lower half of the page. (Click on the image at right for a better view of where to find that link.)

I don't know when the closing date is, but it was open Saturday when I entered my responses. The nurses association has been running the survey for at least a couple months. They clearly want to get a lot of data, so help them out.

And hey! These are nurses, not cranky bloggers. These folks give you shots; they can make it sting if you try messing with them. So don't try gaming their survey. Click in, give them some honest information, and help our nurses learn what they can do to serve us better.

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