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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thune-Bush Plan to Perpetuate Right-Wing Conservatism: Destroy Trust in Government

I'm listening to Senator John Thune on South Dakota Public Radio make arguments about how Americans just don't trust government. The Senator says similar things in NYTimes.

We don't trust government, so we can't trust government to do health care. How very convenient an argument to make when that trust has been eroded by eight years of a Republican administration that failed to...
  • sustain the budget surplus established in 2000,
  • prevent the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history,
  • defend the Constitution against the fear that motivated the PATRIOT Act,
  • prosecute investigations and war without resorting to torture,
  • maintain good relations with foreign allies,
  • organize an effective response to Hurricane Katrina and rebuild New Orleans, and
  • take any real action to check or reverse the trend of more people losing health insurance and going bankrupt from health care costs.
...and I don't even break a sweat thinking up that short list.

If the GOP plan was to do such a bad job of governing that people would never trust government to do anything right regardless of who's in charge, then they did a heck of a job, Brownie.

Don't trust government? Then replace it with people you do trust. That's what 2008 was about. That's what 2010 should be about (any takers yet?). Don't let Senator Thune and the losers trick you into thinking they're still in charge.


  1. I have never been a Bush supporter, but the "prevent the worst terrorist attack... (9/11! Everybody run!)" was a little cheap

  2. Bush failed to prevent the attacks on 9-11? Let's see, this attack took place roughly 180 days into the first term of President Bush. We know from the 9-11 report that is took the terrorists well over 4 years to plan.

    We also know that not once, not twice but 3 times during the Clinton administration, the US government was offered Bin Laden and Clinton turned down the offer all 3 times.

    Now, who failed to protect the US against the attack on 9-11??

    Tim Higgins

  3. Hubba, "cheap" is Thune saying you can't trust government but not acknowledging the eight-year rule of his fellow Republican Bush that really eroded that trust.

    Tim, I do not deny previous intelligence failures by previous administrations. But if al-Qaeda attacked next week, what do you think Dick Cheney would say about President Obama's responsibility?

  4. Republicans vote for candidates who profess that government does not work. If they win they spend their term/s trying to sabotage government from within. Action the Democrats have to spend their term/s trying to fix. Solution: All three branches of government in the hands of Dems (75 seats in the senate) for 20 years.

    John Parker


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