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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

White House on Health Insurance: Facts Are Stubborn Things

Some of the conservative trembling sheep blogs are trumpeting their latest dispatches from Limbaugh Central that health care reform is just one big conspiracy to turn you into Soylent Green. In the interest of alternative viewpoints, I offer the following video from the White House itself, which poo-poos the GOP message manipulators and reminds us for the zillionth time that health care reform is about insuring all Americans, not killing private insurance companies (or Grandma).

President Obama isn't calling for single-payer. Of course, even if the President did adopt the Kucinich-Weiner line and advocate for single-payer as the best way to save money and save lives, he'd still win a public vote.


  1. The Dear Leader must think we're all as dumb as the people that voted for him, as he feels free to change his story at will and flip-flop on every issue- then when you ask any questions about the constantly morphing narrative, you're a "far-right" extremist or a "hater"- please.

    This is like how all news videos show Obama pumping and stumping for Blago in 2003- then when he gets arrested, Obama says he had "nothing" to do with him. Same with Rezko.

    Americans are quickly waking up to the fact that this president is habitually dishonest- can you imagine the towering arrogance of Obama, implying there's something wrong with US for not swallowing all his self-serving BS as fast as he can shovel it on your plate? What a jerk-

    I've already seen plenty enough to keep me from ever believing a word that comes out of the guy's mouth... and that goes 2x for slimy Emanuel and Axelrod- all three of these crooks are used to getting away with murder in the Chicago Machine's racketeering embrace, and they freak out and initiate vicious Alinskyite counter-attacks when they're finally confronted.

    Three-and-a-half years left of this debacle?

    (puke sounds here)

  2. Sometimes I feel like Charlie Sheen listening to Jennifer Grey in the police station in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Chill, dude.

  3. Steve Sibson8/04/2009 9:54 PM


    You really need to put down the Kool-Aid. Like Obama said, it may take ten or twenty years, but the private insurance companies will be history. Funny how honest he can be in 2007, but when he entered the White House, the truth seems to be left behind.

  4. "Of course, even if the President did adopt the Kucinich-Weiner line and advocate for single-payer as the best way to save money and save lives, he'd still win a public vote."

    Cory, I have to disagree with you here. I don't think single-payer would win a public vote right now. Maybe in 10 years, but not now. And if the Democrats don't soften up right quick, maybe never.

    I think the Democrats have begun to frighten and anger people by attempting to abuse their power. The people's fear and anger, driven by government abuse of power, drove out the Republicans in '06 and '08. The Democrats might suffer the same fate in '10 and '12 unless they chill out in a hurry.

    Personally, I would favor responsibly-run and equitably-paid-for socialized medicine. That doesn't mean I'm a socialist (or even a Democrat), however!

  5. Actually, today's beverages are ornage juice and pretty-much-all-natural cranberry pomegranate juice. Mmmm... try some... you'll love it....

    Stan, I think we could win a public vote. Don't forget this ARBI poll from last week that found 49% in favor, 46% opposed to a single-payer system. George Bush became president on a tighter margin than that.

    But even if we couldn't win that public vote, I would love the opportunity to try.

    And what abuse of power? It's not an abuse of power to actually govern and pass things the opposition doesn't like. That's just the rules.

  6. I guess "attempting to abuse their power" wasn't the best possible choice of words. Maybe I should have said "not paying serious enough attention to alternative views." In any event, strong-arm tactics and bully-like behavior may alienate a significant number of people who voted Democratic in '06 and '08, just as the Bush administration's abuses alienated quite a few Republicans (and caused some, including myself, to become Independents). I suspect that too many Democrats are "drunk with their power," and that this all-too-human failing may be their undoing.

  7. I will not hold a recalibration of words against you, Stan. Still, I get the impression the Administration and the Dems in general are listening to alternative views on health care. As SHS demonstrates, the Dems may be trying too hard to accommodate conservative viewpoints. Consider too that the one idea that really got the strong-arm away from the table when the ball got rolling was single-payer, not a specific GOP proposal.

    [By the way, Stan, you seem much more active in daylight nowadays. Giving up nocturnal habits? :-) ]

  8. Still a night owl here. I hoot less often in the dark now, I guess.

  9. I'm thinking a public option with mandatory enrollment and no pre-existing clauses would be the best. Better than single payer. I just had a federal government experience where everyone involved (including the low level feds) shook their heads, but someone from up above set the policy. It reminded me of the military and that we don't want all our eggs in one basket. Call it a hybrid to socialized medicine, and that's fine. We should maintain options.

  10. Corey:

    I'm afraid when the truth not propaganda from the video link you post comes out you will not win a public vote. I found a summary of the health care bill, and have been reading and comparing this interpretation to the actual bill. The ones telling the truth about the health care bill the way I interpret is not the democrates but rather the Republicans.

    I also think it interesting that Obama wants to cram something as incredibly complicated as health down our throats, yet it takes him 6 months to pick out a dog for his family .

  11. This 6 months dog thing is a silly talking point by people with an agenda or mindless followers. If you care about other Americans (your neighbors) you want them to have access to health care rather than desperate trips to the ER. Yes, or no? The fear mongering and distortion is despicable.

  12. John SD
    You have a right to your opinioin about the dog. The point over-hauling health care is, and is going to be an extremely complicated process, one that requires more thought and debate than the 3 to 4 weeks Obama mandated. Obama is rushing into this way to fast.

    Look at the problems the cash for clunckers program is seeing.

    Fear mongering? Have you read any of this bill?

    “enable electronic funds transfers, in order to allow automated reconciliation with the related health care payment and remittance advice.”

    The above is in the bill. What do you think it means?

    Fear mongering? I call it being informed.

    Tim Higgins

  13. "electronic funds transfers": that means, quite simply, that the government as your insurer under the public option would have the same authority that your current insurer probably does to access your bank account by wire, automatically, without asking you. That's the only way some insurers do business now. That's the only way I can get my paycheck from SDBOR. Non-issue.

  14. Tim, that's kind of like criticizing the stimulus act by saying, "Oh my gosh! Government inspectors will be driving cars! They could kill someone on the highway! Aaaaaahhh!"


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