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Sunday, May 23, 2010

AmpleHarvest.org Connects Gardeners and Food Pantries

Those of you gardening in today's summery sunshine surely have dancing in your heads visions of September, when you'll have more tomatoes and squash than you know what to do with.

Neighbor Rod Goeman tosses into my inbox a good idea for using your surplus garden bounty: feed your neighbors! CNN spotlights New Jersey gardener Gary Oppenheimer, who started the website AmpleHarvest.org, a national directory of food pantries. The idea is to make it easier for gardeners (Ample Harvest says there may be 40 million) to find community organizations that would be happy to supplement their usual offerings of canned and processed foods with real, fresh, honest-to-goodness food.

The Sioux Falls and Rapid City food pantries are registered on AmpleHarvest.org; Madison and Brookings still need to get their outfits online.

Come September, don't let that food rot on your vines. Pick it, click AmpleHarvest.org, and feed some hungry neighbors.

1 comment:

  1. It seems increasingly obvious that Industrial Agriculture is unsustainable.

    The Big Sioux drains some of the most fertile ground in the US and sends valuable irrigation water into the Gulf while aquifers are being depleted to make subsidized ethanol.

    When will East River come to its senses and begin truck farming in earnest rather than spend billions bringing cucumbers and broccoli from California and Mexico?

    Boycott supermarkets that don't sell local product.


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