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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

District 8 Legislature Poll: Vote Now!

Now it's really campaign season; let's roll with some polls! First up for fall, as you can see in the right sidebar, are the races for District 8 State Senate and State House. District 8: that's Sanborn, Miner, Lake, and most of Moody County.

Pick whom you'd like to see as our senator: Republican incumbent Russell Olson or Indy/Dem challenger Clark Schmidtke Sr. Then pick your preferred District 8 representatives: Democratic incumbent Mitch Fargen, Democratic incumbent Gerry Lange, GOP challenger Patricia Stricherz, or Independent Jason Bjorklund. Remember: in the State House race, you get to pick two!

Many have voted already—thank you! This poll will run through breakfast Wednesday, when we'll talk about the results. Get out the vote, and get ready for tons of blog fun as the South Dakota blogosphere brings you the rip-snortin'est coverage of Election 2010!

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