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Monday, September 27, 2010

Giago: Herseth Sandlin Clear Choice for Indian Country

Hat tip to Mr. Woodring!

Tim Giago stands Kristi Noem's arrogant lawbreaking and her desperate attack ads with Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's record of accomplishment and says for his Indian brothers and sisters, the choice for Congress is clear:

Herseth Sandlin is a Representative who has taken the time to learn about the Indian Nations in her state. She and current South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) are probably the two most knowledgeable members of Congress when it comes to Native American concerns and issues.

I have sat in and listened as both of these members of Congress answered questions, some quite hostile, about Indian issues, and they not only answered the questions, but turned the questions into a time to educate the questioner [Tim Giago/Nanwica Kciji, "The Choice Between Sandlin and Noem Is Clear," Race-Talk.org, 2010.09.27].

Giago is right: Herseth Sandlin's experience in Congress has given her a much better understanding of Native issues than Noem has. Check the websites: Noem gives the standard GOP platitudes that mask her usual paucity of specific, practical policies. Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin's website lists a number of specific policies she's supported, like the Tribal law and Order Act she got passed this summer.

Given Dan Richardt's prediction of a squeaker of a House race, Lakota voters and all SHS supporters would do well to heed this get-out-and-vote warning from Giago:

For Native Americans to lose Herseth Sandlin would be a disaster of epic proportions. It would be comparable to the loss they suffered when Senator Tom Daschle lost to John Thune, a Republican. And Native Americans could have saved the seat of Daschle if they had turned out in proportionate numbers. Daschle lost by less than 5,000 votes and the Indian vote never developed. In fact, although high in comparison to the rest of South Dakota’s precincts (Pine Ridge had a 50 percent turnout), an increase to 75 percent and a similar turnout on the other eight reservations, would have saved Daschle’s senate seat.

That was a disastrous lesson in history that the Natives of this state dare not repeat [Giago, 2010.09.27].

Dems of all colors, now is not the time to sit on your hands. Circle Election Day, November 2, on your calendar, and plan your trip to the polls. If you're busy that day, you have five weeks to arrange a quick trip to the courthouse to mark your ballot for the only candidate with a proven record of delivering good legislation for Indian Country. Grab a friend and go vote!


  1. Why so much love for Johnson and Sandlin? Have either of these two brought up treaty violations? Return of federal land back to the tribes? The giveaway of wireless spectrum over tribal land to for-profit companies?

    Is it simply vote for the devil we know, vs. the devil we don't know?

  2. Larry: that story is huge. Talk about a violation of personal health rights!

    Thad: you ask a great deal. I suspect the Lakota would like to see reps who would take their advocacy for Indian issue to that next level. You and I certainly would. To hear a serious discussion of the disposition of the Black Hills, we may have to elect you or Steve Hickey.

    But could we agree that Herseth Sandlin has paid more attention and will pay more attention to other, more doable Indian issues than Noem?


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