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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marking Pulls Plug on Campaign... Temporarily

Just home from the State Fair—beautiful day! My divine Miss K was not terribly impressed with the Congressional candidates. debate, but she found the puppies, miniature horses, bunnies, and pigs adorable.

In news almost as big, Independent U.S. House candidate B. Thomas Marking announced at the Congressional candidates' debate that he is suspending his campaign for a few days. His employer, Uncle Sam, has called him away for some FEMA training. In his closing statement, Marking told a cheek-by-jowl audience in the Women's Building Auditorium that he thought about saying no, but then decided his current duties as a public servant outweigh the needs of the campaign. Marking neither confirmed nor denied that the Madville Times helped him make this hard decision.

Marking said we can expect him to return after the training to ramp up the campaign. He also noted that the woman he dreams of replacing with online polls, Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, will also be off the campaign trail for a bit as Congress reconvenes (scheduled dates: September 13 through October 8), meaning GOP challenger Kristi Noem will have the state all to herself. Noem, of course, won't notice, since she already thinks she and her family are the only people on the highway.
Coming up tomorrow: full analysis of the U.S. House candidates' State Fair debate! Who said what and who kicked butt... but first, I've got to sleep off a big day of sunshine, cute animals, and deep bull. Stay tuned!

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