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Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Local Polling: Pick Your Lake County Commissioners!

So many ballot boxes, so little time!

The latest Madville Times poll asks whom you'd like to elect as Lake County Commissioner. We get to pick two this year. Listed in the poll, in the order they appear on Secretary Nelson's candidates list, are Craig Johannsen, Doug Erickson, Kelli Wollmann, and Scott Pedersen. Pedersen is the only incumbent on the ballot. A lot of folks think Johannsen is an incumbent as well, which indicates how under-the-radar our county commission is: Johannsen served two and a half terms on the commission before being ousted in the 2008 election.

Poll runs until Saturday breakfast time, after which we'll talk results. Click your vote (remember, you can pick two!), and tell your friends!

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