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Friday, September 17, 2010

Poll: SD Smoking Ban Looking Good, 63-34

The latest Madville Times poll finds strong support for Referred Law 12, South Dakota's smoking ban. Asked how you will vote on this November ballot measure, you, eader readers responded as follows:
  • Yes: 116 (63%)
  • No: 62 (34%)
  • Undecided: 3 (2%)
  • Not voting: 2 (1%)
    Votes: 183

I'm pleased to see we might clear some air at eateries and other public establishments around our fair state. I will be particularly interested to see if this bit of social rule-making can withstand the hot-and-heavy tea-party sloganeering about personal liberty various candidates are trying to ride to victory.


  1. The Tea Party? what about the liberty of breathing clean air? And the right to work, anywhere, in a safe enviroment. Cory, I say you start a new movement and call it the Green Tea Party movement as green tea is more symbolic for good health. It's loaded with antioxidents, phytonutrients, immuneboosters. Additionally, the green tea movement believes in less corporate influence rather than less government, and gosh darn it, people drink it.

    Dr. K Weiland

  2. Aahh, it just came to me, the Green Tea Party could encompass the Green Energy Movement and capture other green movements....cool huh? Need a ying to the yang to balance the universe just as you need omega-3 to counter what omega-6 does in the body(page 20, The Dakota Diet http://www.dakotadiet.com/factsonfats.htm)

    Dr. K

  3. Dr. K

    Where can I get a copy of Dakota Diets? I have been looking for it, but am unable to find it.


    Tim Higgins

  4. Hi Tim
    Go to amazon.com, or Borders, they have plenty.


  5. The latest poll amongst the owners, workers and customers in the hospirlaity industry are 99 per cent against smoking bans
    They are the ones who have a vested interest in this smoking issue

  6. Really? 99% against it huh? I would like to congratulate you Mr. Anonymous, you have just posted the dumbest made-up comment in this blogs history. Many an ignorant fool have unwisely pushed the comment button to share their unintelligent ramblings, but you sir are certainly the most foolish. I salute you, o leader of the moronic! You have made me laugh, and I thank you.

    Matt Groce

  7. Tim! Not to cut into Dr. Weiland's royalties, but the Madison Public Library also has a copy (they're good about keeping the shelves stocked with the literary output of local alums!).

  8. And Matt: agreed. That's another reason I don't like Anonymous comments (though I'm leaving the precding one up for educational purposes and to preserve the context of your response): people throw up bogus numbers with no sources, and then won't even leave their name to take responsibility for their claim. If you're too embarrassed to put your name to what you're saying, maybe you shouldn't be saying it.


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