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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poll: Wollmann, Pedersen Lead Lake County Commission Race

The latest Madville Times poll finds our humble Web audience favoring the lady and the incumbent in the Lake County Commission race. Asked "Whom do you want to elect to the Lake County Commission?", you voted as follows for the two open seats:

Craig Johannsen
25 (34%)
Doug Erickson
18 (25%)
Kelli Wollmann
48 (66%)
Scott Pedersen
37 (51%)
Votes: 73

Wollmann and Pedersen are the Republicans on the ballot, but party affiliation barely seems to register on folks' radar at this level. If the locals have any tea-flavored anti-incumbent sentiment, they certainly aren't exercising it on Pedersen, who is finishing his first full term on the commission. He's been a relatively active and visible commissioner, acting as point man on the new Lake Madison public access area and liaison to the newly formed county water quality committee. One might think all those Glenn Beck viewers in Lake County might take umbrage at local government actually doing things. Pedersen's topping 50% suggests otherwise.

None of the candidates has done much campaigning yet. Campaign webs haven't popped up for any of the candidates. I just saw the first Craig Johannsen signs pop up this weekend. Doug Erickson shook some hands at the Lake-Moody Democratic fundraiser a couple weekends ago. Other than that, not much shouting yet.

Worth noting: if there is any local anti-incumbent sentiment, Erickson may be the man to go after it. He tells me he's concerned with the treatment Charles Scholl from Winfred has received in his nuisance and zoning battles with the county. Erickson says he'd like to see more fair and uniform application of our zoning laws. That should lead to the following as question #1 for the candidate fora: "What's your position on creating a new zoning enforcement position for Lake County?"

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