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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vote Now: Who's Your Man for PUC, Dusty or Doyle?

Would you work hard to get the job of Public Utilities Commissioner? Fortunately for South Dakota, we have two guys for whom the answer is "Heck yeah!" Republican incumbent Dusty Johnson and Democratic challenger Doyle Karpen are both working hard for the chance to spend six years working on pipelines and power rates.

The Public Utilities commission does regulates your utilities, keeps telemarketers from bugging you, and advocates for good energy and telecommunications policy? Given the increasing centrality of energy and telecommunications to the economic health of our state, the job of Public Utilities Commissioner isn't just some boring down-ticket coin-flip race. Picking the right guy for this job matters.

So who's your choice: Dusty or Doyle? Vote now in the latest Madville Times poll, here in the right sidebar. The poll is open through breakfast Sunday, so tell your friends, and click your pick!

1 comment:

  1. As an aside to this Cory, today happens to be Dusty's birthday so happy birthday Dusty! Now if he or Doyle could finally somehow figure out a way to get us some decent competition for Verizon here they'd certainly go along way in getting my vote.


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