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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Argus Endorses Racist Peters from District 9

South DaCola reports that Representative Deb Peters (R-9/Hartford), the Republican who received the endorsement from Sioux Falls's big liberal-media newspaper, believes our Native American neighbors' problems are their own darn fault. In a debate Friday with Democratic challenger Rob Wilson, Peters said twice that Indians are "genetically predisposed" to many of the problems they face.

In other words, to make life better on the reservation, it's not Peters's job to come up with the kind of practical policy solutions her Democratic challenger Rob Wilson would work for. In Peters's happy world, we can blame the Indians and focus on simply teaching them how genetically inferior they are to us white folks who wisely used alcohol and deception to conquer them.

Nice endorsement, Sioux Falls newspaper.

In related news, there is a hilarious story of thoughtless sleaze floating around District 9 about another candidate. Alas, I can't get anyone to go on record about it. The standard reason for declining runs along the lines of, "It's true, the behavior was inappropriate and should be called out, but this person has power and we have to work with this person, so we'd better not mention it."

In other words, "South Dakota Nice" means we only call out the people who don't have power they might use against us... rather like the Madison Daily Leader going after State Senate candidate and assisted living center operator Clark Schmidtke's criminal record but not State Senator and economic development officer Russell Olson's criminal record.


  1. Racism: "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others."

    Her statement is pretty much the textbook definition of racism.

  2. Cory, I'm very disappointed that you make a blatant statement, a mean declaration about one of our locally-raised women, an MHS grad without having a hyperlink so we can actually read her words and make our own decision, reading in full context, rather than your phrase and paraphrase out-of-context.

    Deb Sample Peters is an excellent person and it appears you are trying to stir something up out of nothing. Don't forget that our tribal lands are considered sovereign nations, much like Russia, Canada or any other nation.

    I'd be curious how the government programs and entitlements that flow monthly to our tribal residents were created, and by which party. Any time government pours money to any group of people, the end result is a lack of self-reliance and generational degradation.

    Let's see that hyperlink so we can decide for ourselves rather than trust your interpretation of Deb's alleged words.

  3. Good grief: Rep. Peters makes the racist comment, and I'm the meanie? Sen. Olson has the criminal record, and I'm the bad guy? Sheesh. I don't care which high school you graduate from. Racism is racism.

  4. I don't consider it "nothing" when an elected representative considers Native American problems more a result of their genes than of colonization, conquest, or bad policy. That position says something significant about how a legislator will approach significant policy problems... or avoid them.

  5. Cory, you used to be better than this name calling and attacks you are bringing against these two candidates. Getting nervous and scared maybe??

  6. Once again, Cory...Where's the link to Deb Sample Peters' alleged statement? You've stumbled badly on this one. When it comes to criticizing Republican candidates, your slant and rant is so far left I can see Russia from your back yard.

  7. I'm not the story, Linda. According to Ben Birks, who was at the debate, Deb Peters made the above mentioned racist statement. That's not name-calling, not slant or rant or stumble: that's calling words what they are.

  8. From your Homepage...

    "News and commentary on issues affecting Lake Herman, Madison, and all of the great state of South Dakota"

    You've strayed so far off your mission statement that it appears you are simply the Democratic counter to Dakota War College's Republican mouthpiece.

    Tunnel vision kills readership and credibility in time.

  9. First off, Mr. Goeman. I was at the debate, & along with many others in the room heard what Rep. Peters said & how she framed her arguments. I stand by my statement on the record, & I resent the fact that you question my, Scott, and Cory's integrity.

    If you know Rep. Peters, why don't you ask her instead of trying to misdirect & play the blame game? If your neighbor loses his job and has to go on unemployment that's the social safety net we all contribute to, but all of a sudden, American Indian society is the result of 'generational degradation' that doesn't deserve the same protections? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

    By the way, the story initially came from a disaffected Democrat who slams liberals just as much as he slams conservatives. Just because you don't like the story, doesn't mean it isn't true. Bottom line, Rob Wilson will serve District 9 in the Senate exceptionally well by bringing people together, not relying on tired partisan banter.

  10. Thanks, Ben!

    Rod, you have misread the mission statement. How does a South Dakota legislator whose South Dakota policy decisions will be guided by the belief that South Dakota Indians' problems are their own fault and not government's not affect the great state of South Dakota?

  11. Great quote from Rob in a recent email regarding Rep. Peters' offensive remarks.

    "It isn't about party identity -- its about a sitting elected official who believes problems in Indian Country are a result of bad genes and poor education. The local media and interested groups shouldn't give her a pass on this, especially right before the election."


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