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Monday, October 25, 2010

Jackley Tops Volesky in Madville Times Poll

Ron Volesky can't even catch a break on the blog that loves him best. The Madville Times asked you, eager readers, "Who gets your vote for South Dakota Attorney General?" You said...

Marty Jackley
88 (56%)
Ron Volesky
69 (44%)
Votes: 157

Even Madville Times readers are willing to concede that, short of Mr. Volesky hiring Mr. Dahle for an eight-day blitzkrieg campaign, Governor Rounds's appointee Mr. Jackley will likely get a full term to stick around and have fun filing more futile political lawsuits.

But as Mr. Mercer points out, Ron Volesky is the only Democratic lawyer in the last decade who's stepped forward to carry the Democratic banner in the AG's race. Ron may need some magic to pull closer to 50%+1, but he still has my respect for being willing to serve the party and the state.

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