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Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Stimulus "Failure": $61 Million for Lewis and Clark Water

Oh, that darn stimulus package: it keeps doing things! Good things for South Dakota!

The latest benefit accruing to South Dakota thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: $4.5 million for the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System. That's in addition to $56.5 million in stimulus dollars pumped into the project last year.

Counter to all the popular South Dakota grumbling about big government, local boosters insist that slurping up 45 million gallons a day of Missouri River water is vital for the growth of rural communities like Madison, Parker, and Bereseford.

Local boosters should note that Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin voted for the stimulus package that is keeping Lewis & Clark's workers on the job, while Mis-Representative Kristi Noem still says she would have voted against the stimulus.

Noem continues to insist, counterfactually, that the stimulus failed. How's it feel to be a failure, Lewis & Clark?


  1. Mike Quinlivan10/16/2010 6:49 PM

    Hey Cory,

    Ok here is my problem with these back and forth arguments: Why do we all assume that tax cuts or stimulus packages function in a binary matter. Economics, and the consequences of economic policy do not take place in a vacuum. There is an ever constant evolution (oops, did I just use that word?) of the economic situation that is occurring at any time. Granted, the President probably oversold expectations, but what president hasn't on a bill they find important?
    One thing I vividly remember from Econ classes at Augie (hi Dr. Eggleston!) is the discussion that more often than not, huge caveats wee placed upon ones economic hypothesis. Keynes did not say "spend a bunch of money on government work, it will always be beneficial," He said it may be beneficial under these conditions, etc., etc. They hypothesis's were always qualified in some way shape or form.
    Sorry for being long winded, but my point is this: Every time you can say that the stim worked, and Troy Jones can say that "Oh no it didn't", nether of you are necessarily incorrect, not correct. The situation we are in is still evolving; we can't judge whether the stim has truly worked or not until most of the funds have been dispersed. Blah blah blah, I'm being long winded. Sorry.

  2. Hi, Mike!

    As my own posts make clear, I have more tolerance for "long-windedness" than conventional blog wisdom allows. No sweat!

    Your comment is perfectly reasonable. I certainly can't assert that the stimulus has been a complete success. It has done some good things (here's another example: sustaining renewable energy jobs!), and it has left some to be desired. And indeed, the situation is even more complicated by the evolving nature of the economy, as you point out

    But part of my mission is to proide counternarrative to easy and incomplete slogans. When Noem or one of my neighbors oversimplifies and says, stupid failed stimulus!, I want to turn to them and say, "Actually, it's not so stupid."

  3. Mike Quinlivan10/17/2010 12:39 PM


    I completely agree! I come from a long line of lapsed catholic, Irish, liberal democrats, so the partisan in me wants to say "Shut yer mouth a dummies!"
    And let me say, you do a much better job of actually exploring the issues than Mr PP (what an apt acronym, since PP is basically what is splattered over his self proclaimed #1 website for politics). It took me years to figure out that rational discourse and the internet rarely if ever mix! Perhaps myself, you, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Jones, and any other sane constant commenter's can get together, have a beer, and argue. At least then we can thrown real punches at each other, instead of rhetorical ones!! :)
    Keep up the good work sir!
    Mike Quinlivan

  4. Thanks, Mike! I skipped hosting a blog blogosphere picnic this summer... but I think when I get clear of the dissertation, a similar event will be a must!

  5. Mike Quinlivan10/17/2010 6:18 PM

    Sounds Great! I am in my final year of grad school myself, plus new job, two year old daughter, wife opening a new salon....yep, I be busy!!! So the more time to plan the better!!!!


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