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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Madville Times Poll: IM13 -- Legalize Medical Marijuana?

It's the last hour at the office. The long weekend is almost here. You don't really want to review that report from Marketing. Skip it! Do something really important: vote in the latest Madville Times poll!

This weekend's question: Do you support Initiated Measure 13, legalizing medical marijuana in South Dakota?

If you're not familiar with IM13, feel free to peruse the following resources before voting:
  1. the IM13 explanation in SD's official Ballot Question Pamphlet
  2. "pro" info from the South Dakota Coalition for Compassion
  3. "con" info from Vote No on 13
You can also get a whole heap of pro-IM13 discussion (and some spirited opposition in the comment section) from Bob Newland at the Decorum Forum.

Vote here in the right sidebar through Tuesday morning, 8 a.m. Then we'll talk about the results. Tell your friends, and vote now!


  1. Who can possibly be in the 49% opposition on your poll?

  2. Good question, Bob! Perhaps some of them will click in and comment....

  3. Bob, it seems to me that IM13 is a vote for the right to self-treatment guaranteed by the right to privacy; that part of your Libertarianism speaks to me.

    It is at that very core of America's strength where all strict constitutionalists converge to concede to the people making decisions for themselves to interpret.

    In my view, that's where social conservatives lose the constitutional argument, since it's the body of law that determines illegality.


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