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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote Now: Do Criminal Records Matter in District 8 Senate Race?

The last Madville Times poll before the general election asks two questions:
  1. Will Clark Schmidtke's criminal record affect your vote for District 8 State Senate?
  2. Will Russell Olson's criminal record affect your vote for District 8 State Senate?
I'll take votes here in the right-hand sidebar until noon on Monday. Tell your friends, and vote now! And then 24 hours later, we can all head to the polls and finally cast the votes that matter.

Worth noting: you can read another, less well-written version of Mr. Schmidtke's troubles with the Minnesota court system in Friday's Madison Daily Leader. You cannot yet read any version of Senator Olson's encounters with the South Dakota court system in the Madison Daily Leader (at least not the online version), which has made thousands of dollars in advertising from Olson over the last four years.

1 comment:

  1. Heck yeah they make a difference. Schmidtke's background is a bit unsettling, but Olson also has a long list of offenses. Not quite a wash, but did MDL write about Olson's background? Schmidtke said they did this for years as common practice, and I'll bet this used to happen regularly in nursing homes. They need the basics too and sometimes there is no one around to take care of things.


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