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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daugaard Transition Team Online

Sibby's right: South Dakota actually elected a bunch of Obama Democrats. Just like Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, Governor-Elect Dennis Daugaard has set up a transition website. You can meet the dapper Mad Men (and Madison native and DSU English speech and theater grad Deb Bowman!) of the Daugaard transition team. You can even apply for a job in the Daugaard Administration.

Hmm... I wonder if the new governor would consider hiring an official state gadfly....

The Inauguration page is still "Coming soon!" Perfect spot for some public participation: set up a wiki, let folks revise at will the agenda for the January 8 event. I suggest a parade with a corps of tall men in plaid shirts performing synchronized drills with mailboxes. As they march by the reviewing stand, the plaid-mailbox corps can break out into an appropriately reworded songs from Oklahoma!: "So-o-o-o-uth Dakota! where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...."

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