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Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Blog Poll: Who's Right for SD Democratic Chair?

Not even two weeks after Election Day, and I already miss voting. Let's do it again! The latest Madville Times poll asks who you think is the best choice for chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

We have two announced candidates stumping for the job: re-elected District 8 Representative Mitch Fargen and outgoing District 17 Senator Ben Nesselhuf. Who's better suited for patching the holes and setting the Democratic ship a-sail again, Mitch or Ben? Do we need to draft George McGovern to stop fighting hunger and reprise his 1950s party-building? (Crazier things have happened!) Or is there some other über-organizer/fundraiser/rabble-rouser who can lead the party to success in 2012? (I welcome discussion of the definition of success in this context.)

Click your pick here in the right-hand sidebar. Poll remains open until breakfast Tuesday. Then we'll talk about the results. And who knows? Some of the party leaders who get to vote at the party confab on December 4 might actually listen!

Tell your friends, and vote now!


  1. I think you are being coopted by the state GOP. Did you notice they picked a Madison guy for their Senate leader, and a guy named Corey as assistant?

    On your poll, does the fourth option = "An unnamed candidate from Lake Herman"?

  2. Tim, on the Lake Herman agenda, Gerry Lange is out: for all his ideological ardor, he'll be the first to admit he's not a great fundraiser, and fundraising is Job 1 (or 2). I'm out of the running, since I'll be judging State Interp in Aberdeen when the party meets in Oacoma to vote Dec. 4, and as they say, must be present to win!

    And why yes, Tim, I have been noticing the GOP's subtle signals. Perhaps I'll send the transition team a résumé—I hear they are looking for a new Secretary of Education! ;-)

  3. Mitch named will have one new title.

    "Democrats have selected their new legislative leaders. The Democratic minority leader in the Senate will be Jason Frerichs, of Wilmot. Jim Hundstad, of Bath, was
    elected as assistant. The Democratic leader in the House will be Bernie Hunhoff, of Yankton. Chosen assistant minority leader was Mitch Fargen, of Flandreau." -AP

    Matt Groce


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