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Friday, February 29, 2008

Madison School Board Election: Four Go In, Two Come Out... or Maybe Three...

...not quite Thunderdome...

And we're off! We have four candidates for the Madison Central School Board: Jay Niedert, Tammy Jo Zingmark, Paul Weist, and me. No incumbents! All four of us filed for the two three-year positions. Therefore, on April 8 (mark your calendars!), Madison Central School District voters, you'll get to pick two of us four to help set policy and budget for the schools.

No one applied for the third open seat, which is a two-year term. That seat will not appear on the ballot: the board will appoint someone to that seat. Now last year the board made the appointment to the open seat in June. I would assume (there I go again) that the board has no solid timeframe for the appointment, other than probably wanting to pick someone by July, when the two newly elected members will be sworn in and Gwen Thomson's term officially comes to an end.

The obvious question: whom will the board pick? The logical and most politically legitimate choice would be the third-place finisher in April 8's election. Then again...

Well, gentle readers, feel free to submit your own amusing post-election appointment scenarios. But first things first: we have a school board election! Yahoo! Jay, Paul, Tammy Jo, drop by the blog any time. Let's talk education and the future!


  1. Cory, what tyoe of history of stability does your board have? Do you have members that have been there awhile or do you have frequent turnover? Have you had many members resign midterm that seats must be appointed?


  2. Not too bad -- I think we've only had one member resign midterm lately. The appointment last year was to fill a seat no one ran for. I don't know what our average turnover rate is (what is it in Watertown, or for the state?). None of us four running now are incumbents or previous members, so the board will have new faces in July for sure!


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