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Thursday, September 18, 2008

KJAM Polling District 8 Olson-Parsley Senate Race

KJAM has replaced its online presidential poll* with a poll on the District 8 Senate race between Republican Russell Olson and Democrat Scott Parsley. The current tally (as of 08:10 CDT):

Of course, when the Olson campaign staff is at their computers all day at CreditSoup, should we be surprised? ;-)

(*Last I saw before KJAM switched to the District 8 race, McCain was leading Obama 55–45.)


  1. Why does it surprise you so much that Russell Olson is leading in the poll for State Senate? Parsley doesn't have the name recognition yet and Olson is the incumbent. Sort of like Tim Johnson and Joel Dykstra's surveys.

    For you to accuse a Madison business of encouraging their employees to cheat on a poll is ridiculous and immature. With Credit Soup's young age demographic, none of them even listen to KJAM much less visit their website.

  2. Right, and none of CreditSoup's employees would ever do anything as ridiculous and immature as to buy the ScottParsley.com domain name the day after the local Republican caucus. None of that demographic pays any attention to local politics or the Internet, do they?

  3. I suppose if some of Parsley's signs are stolen or destroyed, we should look for them in the dumpster behind Radio Shack since Credit Soup is upstairs?

  4. I will definite look there.....creditsoup is known for shady practices...just talk to some of their numerous ex-employees. which would consist of about anyone who worked there more then 2 years cause they realize how much the big boys make and how little is spread to the employees. they can't even offer heatlh insurance to their employees but have made at or near record profits each of the last 5 years.

  5. either anon 10:21 has a huge dislike for credit soup or knows a little too much.

  6. in response to anon 9/18/2008 10:21...creditsoup has had at LEAST 8 people up and quit in 2008. a popular trend..maybe they should take the hint!


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