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Monday, September 22, 2008

Olson Surges on KJAM Poll! Parsley Partisans, to the Rescue!

Now that the kids at Credit Soup are done bringing Russ Olson's website into conformity with the corporate style sheet, they've apparently had time to get back to KJAM's online poll on the District 8 Senate race between Russ and my man Scott Parsley. Either that, or it took, three days for the PP bump to kick in. Whatever the cause, as of 09:16, Russ is back on top, 52% to 48%.

Come on, Pat: is that the best you and your District 7 interlopers can do for your pal Russ? ;-)

Rally the troops, fellow Parsley supporters! If you want real change, if you want real action on renewable energy, if you want real bipartisan spirit instead of a one-party system... or heck, if you just want to have fun with KJAM's poll numbers, get over to KJAM and vote for Scott!

1 comment:

  1. Better vote for your candidate of choice (Olson or Parsley) fast... we're changing the question at the end of the day!


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