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Friday, September 19, 2008

Poll War! Poll War! Defend District 8 Against Outside Influence Peddlers!

...with more outside influence peddlers! ;-)

Pat Powers is calling on his readers to rush to the defense of his chum Russ in the KJAM District 8 Senate poll. Pat Powers, from Brookings. That's District 7... where Pat Powers, master campaigner, got beat 72% to 28%. I really hope PP is giving Russ lots of campaign advice.

PP also takes a moment for some name-teasing, too. "Mr. Basil and Mr. Paprika...." Cute. We'll send you a consolation spice rack when District 8 sends Russ home in November.

But o.k., let's rumble! PP, you call your friends, we'll call ours. Epp, Feld,... heck, I'll bet I can even get Sibby to help the Parsley campaign, since any friend of PP's must be an enemy of the Sibbyocracy.

As goes District 8, so goes the state! the nation! the planet! Charge!

Hey, KJAM, where's my commission for driving traffic to your site?

1 comment:

  1. His buddy Russ and his girlfriend, "She gets me", Caribou Barbie Palin are both down in the polls.

    He's going to need more than a spice rack.


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