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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Tonight... for District 8 Legislative Candidates in Madison!

Be a yokel, debate local!

You know, I might actually miss the second McCain–Obama debate tonight in favor of the first candidates' forum of the general election season here in Madison. The AAUW is hosting a forum for the District 8 legislative candidates tonight at 7 p.m. at the Trojan Center on the Dakota State University campus (not to be confused with the newly christened Trojan Tap down at the Four Corners, which is probably violating trademark by using the font of another famous Trojan business on its Main Street sign).

As I understand it, the AAUW has invited all six legislative candidates:
As the candidates I've talked to understand it, the AAUW plan to open the floor to questions from the public. So if you've already figured out how you're casting your vote for President (and as of two weeks ago, that was 82% of you), come test your local candidates on their grasp of the issues.

And while you're there, feel free to deliver a comment or two to the Madville Times in person! I'll be there covering the forum. If everything works right, I'll provide some live-blog coverage (the only live media coverage for tonight's event) and maybe even some video recaps afterward (assuming I don't have to chase a two-year-old around the room ;-) ).

By the way, Initiated Measure 10 might make an event like tonight's candidates forum on a state university campus illegal. After all, we will be using state resources: building, chairs, microphone....

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