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Monday, October 6, 2008

Flashback, 1976: Governor Carter for President

Jimmy who?!?

Tonight's note from PBS:—Historian Douglas Brinkley describes Jimmy Carter's 1976 run for the Presidency:

Nobody knew him. It was like picking a name out of the phone book. I mean, it takes a bit of hubris to think you're the best person to be the President of the United States, because you were a one-term governor of Georgia. It's a kind of arrogance run amok.

—Douglas Brinkley, American Experience: Jimmy Carter, 2002.

Commenters, your historical observations and comparisons are welcome....


  1. At the time I voted for him. But his presidency is deemed by most to have been a disaster, and I agree. We are heading for the same thing this time. Obama is an unknown, he has hubris and arrogance, but he has little experience. Maybe we should look back and learn from the experience of Carter's administration.

  2. Jimmy Carter was a compassionate and caring human being, certainly not Presidential material. His years following his term have proven what a terrific man and spokesman he has become. He simply lacked a killer instinct. Sarah Palin, however, as a first term Governor of our largest state and former Mayor, has proven her leadership ability and will not step away from her duties if called upon by her nation.

  3. Palin won't blink, but will she think? ;-)

    Curious: is compassion a bad quality for a President, or are you saying it's just not enough?


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