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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dykstra Visits Aberdeen; KELO Coverage Nil

So Joel Dykstra takes the Madville Times' advice and does some serious campaigning in Aberdeen... although you'd never know it from the KELO coverage. "Dykstra Visits Voters in Aberdeen," says KELO's Northern Tier correspondent Erich Schaffhauser in his headline. And that's the only substantive thing he reports about what Dykstra did.

Schaffhauser reports Dykstra held a town hall meeting for voters in Aberdeen Monday. "As Dykstra talked with voters in the Hub City, voters shared concerns about problems they say need some fixing."

What are those problems? The reporter quotes one voter's general assessment that the economy is in the tank (well, just "kind of in the tank," so perhaps we ought not worry so much). Another says vets should "be treated treated as a number one citizen," such as when... oh, wait, the reporter doesn't give any examples (like this?). The only comment from Dykstra in the whole report is something about how he'll catch heck from his wife if he conforms to Washington and forgets about South Dakota.

I assume the town hall ran for at least an hour. Are you telling me, Mr. Schaffhauser, that in that whole time, Dykstra said nothing specific about any policy that you found newsworthy? He didn't lay out a single new idea for his vision for South Dakota and for the federal government?

Uff da. Even I can't believe a Dykstra event would be that devoid of content. Fire up, Erich! Give us more to work with!


  1. Not only that, but there was no mention of the Dykstra "debate" that took place last night. Not a single media outlet, and NOT EVEN DAKOTA WAR COLLEGE, previewed the Dykstra v. Dykstra event. Did nobody care, or did everybody drop the ball?

  2. Here's the rub. KELO TV and other media are being bought hard by Sen. Tim Johnson's campaign, possibly more TV ads purchased than when Daschle and Thune ran. Nobody's going to rock that gravy train. Money talks and while Johnson is spending his $3 Million in PAC and out-of-state contributions on TV, Dykstra is stumping across the state, meeting folks. Dykstra simply doesn't have the same national well to dip into. The Johnson campaign wants to limit Tim's actual exposure to the public, which causes people to talk about his disabilities, so they show crisp old footage of Johnson in his healthier days on their TV ads, hoping that a number of voters will simply forget that he isn't the same Tim Johnson we elected six years ago. Money talks and KELO TV and the other stations won't rock the gravy boat.


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