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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wind Turbines at South Dakota Schools Make USA Today

South Dakota gets some good national press for its participation in the Wind for Schools program. Jeff Martin from that Sioux Falls paper contributes an article to USA Today talking about South Dakota's work, along with five other states, to build wind turbines at schools. Eight South Dakota schools are getting turbines through the program this year—I think the turbine at Sanborn Central will be dedicated in just a couple weeks.

The immediate benefit is, of course, nearly free juice for the schools. Schools can't get all of their power from wind turbines—although Martin notes that the 12-story turbine at Spirit Lake, Iowa, can generate "about half" of the power the district needs. But the Wind for Schools has some bigger goals. Every participating school gets K-12 curriculum related to the wind turbine, with the hope that we can develop a bunch of young workers ready and eager to work in the alternative energy industry.

Study hard, kids! We're going to need your help!

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