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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IWQC Meeting to Discuss Madison-Brant Water Project District Thursday

The Interlakes Water Quality Committee will meet Thursday, October 9, at the Madison Public Library. The main item on the agenda: the water project district IWQC members are working to form. The ducks are getting in a row: the group has the necessary petition signatures and has met with the state board on water and natural resources and area homeowners. Thursday night they'll make plans for more informational meetings and the next steps to make this planned district a functioning government entity. If you live around the lakes or anywhere in the Lake County portion of the Big Sioux watershed, stop by the library Thursday night and learn what this water project district will mean for you.

A side note: as mentioned previously, Lake Herman is not part of the proposed water project district. We all know that has much more to do with politics and economics than hydrology. For a little perspective on just how different Lake Madison's population is from its neighbors, the minutes of the IWQC Sept. 4, 2008, meeting indicate that the Lake Madison Development Association allocated $10,000 for publishing costs and other communications related to the water project formation effort. $10,000... just for words and paper. The highest amount ever assessed in annual taxes by Lake Herman Sanitary District for all of its operations is $5000; the current annual budget is $2150.

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