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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palin Misquotes Albright, Condemns Self

So Governor Sarah Palin misquotes her Starbucks cup and the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to suggest that women who don't vote for her will go to hell. (Really, I can't make this stuff up.) "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women," said Palin at a California rally Saturday. Albright notes her original quote said help, not support, and more importantly had nothing to do with politics.

But if the spirit of what Palin said holds any truth, then what special box seat in Purgatory would Palin say she herself deserves for not reversing or even denouncing her hometown's policy of charging women for rape kits while she was mayor?


  1. Palin was actually reading the quote from the cup she got from Starbucks.
    I don't know what the quote was EXACTLY. But Palin didn't say anything about voting for McCain/Palin.
    1. She proved Albrights hypocrisy by contrasting how zealous Madeline was when she was supporting feminists and how little support Palin gets from Albright, now.
    2. She proves that Sarah Palin relates to Americans and goes to places like Starbucks. Biden goes to places that are no longer in business, like Kate's Restaurant.

    That's a pretty smart statement.

  2. Chuck, do you even read the posts, or do you just have your RSS feed set to alert you to any "Palin" post so you can submit your pre-fab comments from the McCain campaign?

    1. I said she got the quote from her Starbucks cup.
    2. I gave the exact quote.
    3. I gave a link that shows the video of the quote in context. Here's another, if you'd rather not click on HuffPost.
    4. She gave the speech at a campaign rally, with the McCain-Palin sign on the podium. The point of the whole speech was "Vote for us."
    5. And for the substance of the post, how do you swaure her comment with not paying for rape kits, a much more immediate, practical example of helping women?

    When you have to work harder than a black hole to warp reality to suit your wishes, don't you think it's time to give up?

    p.s.: I think Starbucks is elitist. $4 for a cup of coffee? Sheesh! I can get four cheeseburgers at McDonald's for that price... ;-)

  3. She is dumb AND fiscally irresponsible. $6 for a cup of coffee? Just sayin...

  4. Make that 4 cheesburgers and 2 McChickens. Thanks, Tara! :-D

  5. I guess great minds think alike. I clicked 'publish' and both comments showed up. Didn't mean to reiterate your point.

  6. chuck ritter10/07/2008 1:14 PM

    Actually, it's $1.50 - $1.90 for a cup of good coffee. You know antioxidants and essential oils. You can look at McDonalds and call it 'good eatin', but I wouldn't be astonished if you have a copy of "Super-Size Me" in your DVD collection. That's the hypocrisy she was pointing out.
    No where in your links was there any evidence of her not helping rape victims. At most it suggests she may have know about the program, when she said she didn't.

    Is Palin commenting on Madeline Albright's quote "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women?" 'Help' or 'support' is kinda splitting hairs.

    But what you fail to realize she wasn't agreeing with statement, she was mocking it! If she agreed with it then you MAY have a story, and The Huffington Post and Times Online....

  7. Oh, Chuck: Palin spoke of "women who don't support other women." Albright spoke of "women who don't help other women." I won't split hairs: I'll take either wording (as I said, the spirit of the words). To avoid being guilty of the hell-worthy failing both women mention, Palin needs to show evidence that she did help or support those women. Instead, the CNN story says there is no evidence Palin made any effort to help pay for those rape kits or to reverse that despicable, discrimantory policy. Palin hasn't even gone on the record since then to denounce the policy. Show me the quote from Palin where she renounces her town's practice.

    Mocking? Evidence? Dream on.

  8. Doggonit, there you go again, Chuck. Can I call ya Chuck? Off the topic of rape kits--John McCain thinks women are ignorant, and so does Sarah Palin.

  9. Just couldn't resist another slam on Palin, could you?!

    She made that comment, so what? If this is worthy of criticizing her for, she must be doing pretty well on the campaign trail! Oh, right, she is out attacking the Messiah so she is fair game still.

    Instead of criticizing Palin for repeating this statement from a Starbucks cup, maybe you should instead criticize the person who first said it, and Starbucks who evidently thought it worthy of putting on their cup. This is SO ridiculous!

  10. Work with me here, Anon:

    1. Palin said something.
    2. I took what she said at face value.
    3. I asked if what she said applied to her own actions (or inaction).

    I'm struggling to see where that sequence becomes ridiculous. Care to clarify?

  11. Hate to rain on your parade, but... Well, actually I don't mind when it comes to this subject.


    Go to the above site and read the actual story and facts about this ridiculous story. Summing up:

    "The charge stems from a May 22, 2000 article in the local Wasilla paper The Frontiersman and has been spun from a comment made by the Wasilla Police Chief. This comment was somehow made into a Sarah Palin policy. Evidence of the incident, though, shows no involvement by Palin at all. Still, many Old Media outlets continue to keep illegitimately linking this rape kit billing claim to Sarah Palin, even though the truth is easily discovered."

    If you don't like Palin, fine, that's your right. But at least get your facts straight if you are going to attack her. And look a little deeper than Huffington and Kos.

  12. THis whole subject is ridiculous. There are REAL problems facing us in this election. And a quote from a cup at Starbucks??? Good grief!

    Did you look up the website above regarding your comments on the rape kit issue?

  13. gotta love the passionate google alert visitors.

  14. To Tara - huh?

  15. Interesting SIDENOTE: chuck ritter is also the name of the Director of Planning for WalMart. Mere coincidence, or proof of big business supporting the McCain campaign? hehe...

  16. I've looked up the rape kit issue several times, faithful readers (see here and here). Palin let stand a terrible anti-woman policy. She authorized the budget cuts that supported the policy. She has not made any direct statement since then denouncing the policy. It would thus appear that, on the issue of rape kits, Palin has not helped women... the sort of inaction that she said Saturday warrants condemnation.

  17. chuck ritter10/07/2008 2:38 PM

    caheidelberger, So if I find the evidence that she helped get women rape kits for free, that'll make this whole issue go away! Yeah, Right!

    I don't think Obama supporters should bring up the term renounce.

  18. chuck ritter10/07/2008 2:47 PM

    Palin HAS helped everyone, not just a group of people.
    Albright on the other had has helped herself and Clinton. Then she calls for condemnation on women who don't help other women. Why doesn't she say women who help others? Because Madeline is being political. Feminism at it's best!

    Go WalMart!

  19. Back up, Chuck, you had it right a moment ago: on this question, you show me Palin acted to help the women in Wasilla pay for rape kits and to reverse that discriminatory practice, and this particular issue does go away. Proof is in the pudding, not your vague generalities. This isn't about Albright, Clinton, or other feminists; it's about what Palin said and what Palin did. Stay on target, answer the question.

  20. This is so a non-issue, both the cup and the rape kits.

    How about justifying Obama's tax numbers? That is a much more important issue and will actually affect most people. Even in a time of eoncomic crisis and escalating national debt, Obama says he plans to continue with his new tax and spend programs. He can't not keep up this line as it is buying him votes among all the people who think they are victims and deserve his handouts. You know, there comes a time when the money is gone, the gov't handouts can't be given anymore, and personal responsibility or irresponsibliity takes over.

    Obama has a lot more to explain about this and about his past than Palin or Albright have to explain about a cup or a rape kit!

  21. chuck ritter10/07/2008 3:57 PM

    That's right! Albright should have stopped Clinton from treating women like trash. Yeah, and what if Paula Jones wasn't the only women who felt like Clinton raped her. You know most rape victims don't report the rape. So, if Madeline Albright had more power to stop 1 rape and nationalize free rape kits, wouldn't that make Madeline more responsible for this whole issue than Palin!

    Good work, caheidelberger! Looks like you have proven your own lack of logic here.

    And again, Sarah Palin, doesn't believe anyone should go to hell! I see that by her actions and her priorities. They could be false but it's harder to act contrary to your beliefs than it is to lie.

  22. Anon, several million women might disagree with your contention that how a public official deals with rape is a "non-issue."

    I'm not quibbling about the source or anything else. Palin said something. Palin's actions appear not to live up to what she said. That's a fair issue, one which should be easily answered with a simple, on-topic response. Obama, taxes, Albright, Paula Jones, etc. have nothing to do with resolving the simple question posed in the original post:

    Do Palin's words imply a criticism of the Wasilla rape-kit policy under her mayorship?

    I'm still waiting....

  23. Walmart....yeah that is company known for treating is employees great and equal....the equal part is that treat them all like garabage and miss use them...Thanks Mr. Ritter you gave me another reason to stay away from Walmart. Thanks

    Gregg Steinhafel CEO Target Inc.

  24. chuck ritter10/08/2008 9:42 AM

    If my response wasn't clear! Sarah's statement has nothing to do with ANY of Sarah's actions. She is commenting on Albrights point-of-view.

    If you don't go to WalMart because of what hateful, vengeful people say. You must be easily convinced. And it would be a waste of time discussing issues with you.

  25. Just as I suspected: what Palin says has nothing to do with what she does. Is that the leadership we need? The GOP can't even use words responsibly; how can we trust them to use our tax dollars, our resources, and the lives of our soldiers?

    But wait: if Palin is just mocking those words, is she saying women shouldn't help women? And if that's what she was saying, why didn't she just say that? Why does she need Chuck and the other swift-boaters to come pile on pages of explanation of what Palin really meant? The Straight Talk Express really went off the rails when Palin got on board.

    And (remember the original point) we still haven't heard Palin renounce or defend her charge-the-victim rape kit policy.

  26. CA, didn't you used to be a republican? I guess there is hope for everyone. CHUCK, unions rule! I'm guessing since you're such a big Palin fan that you also support unions, since her husband is steelworker. What about that, Mr. WalMart?

  27. By the way, have you noticed John McCain has little alligator arms? Well, he does. I think it's a reverse Pinnochio syndrome. Every time he lies, his arms shrink.

  28. "You know most rape victims don't report the rape."

    That's right, Chuck...which is precisely why a policy of requiring victims to pay for their own rape kits is absolutely ludicrous. That may also go a long way in explaining why no one was actually charged for rape kits under Palin's mayorship or no rapes were reported. If getting victims to report rapes is already a problem, just think of how much more difficult that becomes when there is a policy requiring them to pay for their own rape kits.

    It's all starting to make sense now, isn't it?

    Heck, while we're on the subject, I'm still utterly unconvinced of Palin's "maverick-ness" considering that she is the governor of a state with the highest sexual assault rate in the nation and one of the highest child sexual assault rates in the country. And what did she do to about that? Hmm...well, nothing. It's not as if she could plead ignorance on that one.

  29. It is clear to me that Sarah Palin has a level of intelligence that is unmatched in the political world. Her profound grasp of all the issues and enormously impressive experience provide the evidence I need to support her for the Republican ticket.

    In fact she is so well qualified in every respect that I believe that John McCain should step aside and let her run for President and he can provide a supportive role as Vice President.

    Her avoidance of simplistic positions, her clarity of speach, her inclusive world view and her openness to progressive concepts will serve her well as she tackles the complex issues the nation and the world faces. I can see world leaders beating a path to her door to soak up her wisdom and learn from her how to face the issues they must deal with in their countries. While in her presence she can teach them how to field-dress a moose and rid their libraries of objectionable books.

    We indeed are fortunate in America to have her taking a leadership role in our nation and the world. If she gets her hand on the tiller I assure you that the world will never be the same!

    Fred Nitny
    Moose Jaw, Alaska

  30. chuck ritter10/08/2008 1:49 PM

    Erin, most victims don't know what rape kits cost. Why would that keep them from reporting a rape? It might have more to do with NOT prosecuting the rapist or the humiliation.
    Also, if Alaska has one of the highest rates of sexual assault, that could be because the victims aren't afraid to report the crimes. Could be because they are confident in the leadership.
    But, I'm sure you are right. It's the cost of the rape kits.

    Do you care about Clinton's rape accusations? Or were those just stupid women?

  31. Chuck, it must really hurt you to stay on topic. Clinton?! Not the issue. Palin, rape kits, helping women: it's not a hard question to answer.

    Tara, yes, I used to be a Republican, until I got sick of Republicans lying to me. And I got out none too soon: I couldn't engage in the constant circus-worthy verbal controtions Chuck and the remaining GOP apologists have to perform to defend their losing, lying candidates.

  32. chuck ritter10/08/2008 2:29 PM

    caheidelberger; Read my post at 10:42. The problem is you can't accept the answer.

    Follow me here, Sarah Palin uses a quote from Madeline Albright about helping/supporting(take your pick) women. When you accuse Sarah Palin of not helping/supporting rape victims, you can't ignore the rape victims of Bill Clinton, because Madeline Albright was a Clinton advisor.

    That's not misleading. That's not a lie. That's a fact. And you aren't accepting it because of the bias you have for this politician.
    There's really nothing wrong with that bias, but just own up to it.

    And NOT paying for rape kits, hasn't stopped anyone from being raped. May be the punishment could deter rape, but if the rape kits don't go to court what good are they?

  33. Isn't Wasilla Alaska the Meth Capital of Alaska? What did she do to curve that trend? oh wait she charge women for rape kits. very progressive instead of attacking real problems you go after victims. Brilliant. Palin you got my Vote. Biggest supporter of women from Alaska's most tweeked town.

  34. chuck ritter10/08/2008 2:45 PM

    "But if the spirit of what Palin said holds any truth, then what special box seat in Purgatory would Palin say she herself deserves for not reversing or even denouncing her hometown's policy of charging women for rape kits while she was mayor?" - caheidelberger

    Since that was your question...the premise you asked was erroneous. '...seat in Purgatory would Palin say she herself deserves...' She read a quote. That's it. She didn't agree to the premise of it. She just let others know what the opposition believes. The point of the quote was that all women should help ALL women. Albright isn't doing that. That doesn't reflect on Sarah. If it did Sarah wouldn't have said it.

  35. "The point of the quote was that all women should help ALL women."

    Yes, Chuck, that is the point of the quote and this blog post. So let's review:

    1. Palin is a woman.
    2. Rape victims are (usually) women.
    3. Charging a rape victim for the investigation of the crime against her is unhelpful.
    4. Having the city cover the cost of the investigation of a crime is helpful (and fair, considering that's how other assaults, robbery, etc. are handled).
    5. A woman (Mayor Palin) failed to help women (Wasilla rape victims).
    6. That's bad.

    Please explain the flaw in the above logic without mentioning Albright, Clinton, crime reporting rates, meth, or any other irrelevant details.

  36. chuck ritter10/09/2008 3:29 PM

    2. Rape victims are (usually)women.
    - Bigoted.
    4. Having the city cover the cost of the investigation of a crime is helpful (and fair, considering that's how other assaults, robbery, etc. are handled).
    - Some responsibility rests on the city council. And the premise is socialist, especially if you are suggesting Palin herself was responsible. If you use that logic why doesn't the federal government just make the company that makes the "rape kits" give them to the hospitals?
    You have some logic in there; but what are you leaving out? Was this something Palin could do? Did Palin know about this issue? Is this just something you put together because you can't see Palins experience? Have you ever done something like this before? Are you bigoted toward conservative women?

    I mean if I did thin conspirosy theories. Yeah, she's bad. But I don't see it.


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