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Monday, October 13, 2008

Madison City Commission Has Nothing to Do, Takes Pioneer Day Off

...Pioneer Day?

So I learn from KJAM that, for lack of agenda items, the Madison City Commission has called off its regular Monday meeting. Perhaps the Madison City Commission's Thoreauvian turn is a roadmap for the federal government: fight deficits by simply meeting less often.

Now this sounded too good and too funny to be true, so to make sure the hardnosed journalists at KJAM weren't pulling my leg, I checked the city's website. Sho'nuff, no meeting tonight.

But then I noticed this item about garbage pickup:

Pioneer Day Holiday
Garbage Routes

Due to the Pioneer Day
holiday on October 13th,
Monday's garbage route
will be run on Tuesday
and Tuesday's garbage
route will be run on

Pioneer Day? I've never heard that. Tony Dean tells me via Google that we might have tacked that name on Columbus Day back in 1974. I check with Pierre, though, and state statute (SDCL 1-5-1) still designates this second Monday in October as Native Americans' Day.

Did I miss a fit of anti-multicultural pique on the part of our City Commission? Has someone at City Hall simply not updated the HTML on the city website since 1974... no, that's probably out.

I'm puzzled! Readers, your insights and rank speculation are welcome....


  1. Comrade:

    It's a liberal, fascist, right wing plot to deliberately confuse you Cory.

    There coming to take you away to the funny farm...(remember the song?)

    Now if we can just avoid those news anchors asking questions about helicopters.

  2. SD started calling Columbus Day, Pioneer Day, back in the 1970's. In the late 1980's the same bill that finally recognized Martin Luther King Day changed the name of Pioneer Day to Native American Day.

    As for the Madison City Hall......your guess is as good as mine.


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