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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mitch Fargen Earns Equality SD Endorsement

I am pleased to see that Democratic District 8 House candidate Mitch Fargen has earned the endorsement of Equality South Dakota, an organization promoting equal rights for all South Dakotans, with a focus on our LGBT neighbors (that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). I am disappointed to see that Fargen is the only District 8 candidate on the endorsement list.

Now I can understand how some candidates might be a bit nervous about receiving an endorsement from an LGBT organization in South Dakota. Anti-homosexuality forces were able to get a majority of voters (a darn slim one, but a majority nonetheless) to write homophobia into our Constitution in 2006. Having EqSD on your side could lose you some conservative votes—faux-conservative, perhaps, since I thought true conservatives were about protecting liberties for all citizens, not just their preferred company.

But Equality SD isn't asking for parades or tax breaks. It's asking for equal treatment under the law for citizen. EqSD's candidate survey (PDF alert) asks candidates whether they support passing the kind of employment discrimination protections that over 430 of the Fortune 500 companies already have. (Remember, those are the kinds of companies we're trying to convince to move to South Dakota.) EqSD asks candidates if they support anti-bullying legislation for schools and hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples.

Evidently Mitch Fargen didn't find it that hard to say he supports fairness in the workplace, protecting kids from violence, and letting people who love each other see each other when they're in the hospital. Thank you, Mitch. My vote for you just got easier.


  1. There is nothing GAY about it. It is homosexuality and it causes disease which costs our country milions of tax dollars and increases insurance rates for all of us, it causes confusion and mental distress for children which increases the cost of social work and human services, and it destroys the lives and marriages of many who otherwise would be productive members of society. There is NOTHING gay about it. It is a disease ridden choice which is bad for our country and bad for our state...and there is nothing homophobic about that---it is simply the truth.

  2. As I read anon 8:24 a.m. I hear the dueling banjo song playing in my head!

  3. Anon 8:24

    Homosexuality causes disease? I was under the impression that bacteria and viruses were to blame.

    Don't worry, the veil of the internet will hide your identity. You will never have to be responsible for your words.


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