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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once More Unto the Breach: Parsley vs. Olson on KJAM!

Sound the trumpets, Parsley partisans! Lorin Larsen must have seen the Madville Times Senate poll (up there in the right-hand corner—vote now!) and decided he needed to counter by rerunning KJAM's poll on the District 8 Senate race between Democrat Scott Parsley and Republican Russell Olson. Back in September, after a hard-fought online battle, Parsley and Olson came out about even (anyone remember the final numbers?). Now we see the numbers flipping back and forth: Parsley had a commanding 62-38 lead yesterday afternoon, but then CreditSoup must have sent the kids home to do some Web-surfing and flip the numbers: Russ is back on top 64-36.

My friends, there is but one appropriate response: Charge!!! Get over to KJAM, cast your vote, and show the world that District 8 is all about truth, justice, and online citizen activism... or at least having fun with online polls!

(By the way, Lorin, I'm still waiting for my commission on all the extra hits you got last time... ;-) )


  1. Update: Parsley's back on top, 55–45. Onward, Web warriors for worthy government! :-)

  2. Perhaps KJAM wouldn't have to wait for you link for additional hits if they would update more than once in over two weeks. Not good for a news website.

  3. Russ wins as of now by 60%!

  4. I don’t think I even know what Scott Parsley looks like…He never came and knocked on my door????


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