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Monday, October 27, 2008

Palin: Crony Politics and Corporate Welfare for TransCanada

It just keeps getting worse for John McCain's ill-chosen running mate. I told you back in August that Governor Sarah Palin was in bed with TransCanada, handing them 500 hundred million taxpayer dollars not to actually build a natural gas pipeline, but just to seek customers and federal approval for maybe building a pipeline later.

Now the paid journalists at Associated Press uncover the whole unseemly process behind Palin's handouts for Big Canadian Oil: bidding rules crafted to favor TransCanada, TransCanada lobbyists working for Palin, improper communications between the governor and bidders, and all bidders but TransCanada disqualified on technicalities.

But here's the kicker: reporters Justin Pritchard and Garance Burke find six confidential sources and sworn testimony from Palin's pipeline team leader and former TransCanada lobbyist Marty Rutherford that four years ago, TransCanada was willing to build the pipeline with no $500M subsidy from Alaska.

So, Governor Palin redistributes income to a foreign corporation to entice the corporation to do something it already said it can do without government subsidy. "Share the wealth," indeed.


  1. The $500 million you speak of will end up being 1.25 per cent of the estimated $40 billion total - some sweetheart deal.

    The Canadian company still has to come up with a very large amount of money. Also, when the vote happened August 1st, it was 14-5 in favour of granting them a licence - that's 14 independent senators (Democrats and Republicans) deciding the outcome of this situation.

    It doesn't seem to me like Palin manipulated anything.

  2. Why is it everyone hacks on Palin for stuff like this, but Biden can say he will guarantee that there will be a tragic disaster if Obama is elected, but that's ok. Also, in an interview Biden stated that their campaign hasn't given $1 to ACORN, but the truth is they have paid houndreds of thousands of dollars to the organization. Why aren't you trying to straighten out the truth on that one? OR does the truth hurt??

  3. to anonymous said...please stop spewing back republican talking points and present credible arguments....

  4. Ok. How about this traveler? Any feedback?



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