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Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin Stylist: $22,800. Foreign Policy Advisor: $12,500.

Obama victory in November: priceless.

Here's one more reason the McCain campaign is losing: it has spent more on Sarah Palin's appearance than on getting good foreign policy advice. KELO points to this AP report that says the McCain campaign paid Amy Strozzi, Palin's traveling stylist, $22,800 for a few weeks work. During the same reporting period (at last as I understand it from the AP report), the McCain campaign paid its foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann, $12,500. (And let's not get started on the clothing bill....)

Now heck, for that money, I'll take either job. But is making Sarah Palin look good really twice as hard or twice as important as knowing how to deal with the Russians?

Style over substance, indeed.


  1. Wouldn't foreign policy advice expenditures go on and on, thereby amounting to a lot more than $12,500 in total?

    Even so, the expenditure for Palin's appearance (which I suspect is an underestimate) ticks me off a little because it apparently came from campaign funds. And I suppose it, too, could go on and on.

    Even so, I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket yesterday, and would again today. But I also voted for Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, so I'm not entirely incorrigible. ;-)

  2. Why aren't you just as upset with Obama's lavish acceptance platform? Good grief. But it was time for the almost daily Palin bash. Wouldn't be the same without it!

  3. Anon: Have you noticed you haven't yet been able to defend Palin? You just keep changing the subject. It must be awful to be backing a candidate who embarrasses your party every day.

    Stan: You voted! Sorry I couldn't sway you on the Presidential ticket. Does it feel weird now to read the news about the campaign having already cast your vote?

  4. Why wasn't time and money spent training Sarah on the Vice Presidential role as defined by the constitution? I'm surprised more wasn't made of this rather than her clothing expense (which they now conveniently say was just a loan). Please. After all this time she was unable to correctly verbalize the VP role: totally unbelievable and downright scary. Stan, how can that be excused? John Hess

  5. Cory: I'm listening less to the campaign news now, and witnessing from your blog instead. That's more fun! It's like evacuating from a hurricane zone and then watching the chaos on The Weather Channel. But come to think of it, whenever I tried to run away from real hurricanes in my old Florida days, they veered and chased me.

    Anon 12:24: Palin's shortcomings can't be excused. I took them into account along with all the other factors I consider important, and the McCain/Palin ticket still came out ahead in my mind. (But not by much.)


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