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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 1: Energy: Any conversation on solar energy in SD future?

Russ Olson:
  • Population density is a problem; no knowledge of conversations on solar energy
  • focus now is on wind, coal for electricity
Scott Parsley:
  • East River provides ranchers small solar units for water pumping; easy to maintain
  • problem is solar is intermittent, just like wind
  • Need to work on storage tech
  • [Update 2008.10.08 10:40: see video of Scott's response at RealMadison.org]
Mitch Fargen:
  • SDSU just got Sun Grant couple weeks ago to work on solar technology
  • Maybe look at putting solar on state buildings
Patricia Stricherz:
  • limited knowledge of solar, but I know it's being used for greenhouses and homes
  • tax break for home solar might be good
Jerry Johnson:
  • can't answer specifically
  • working in transportation industry has brought me into many conversations on worldwide demand for energy
  • glaring problem of demand exceeding output for every energy source; must look at opportunities for alternative energy through R&D
Gerry Lange:
  • mentions news story on women in India making their own solar cells
  • we are neglecting it

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