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Friday, October 31, 2008

Saying Atheists Give You Money Is Defamation of Character?

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole runs an ad claiming her challenger, Democrat Kay Hagan, pals around with atheists. Kay Hagan responds by forcefully declaring her belief in God, pointing to her work teaching Sunday School, and filing a lawsuit claiming defamation of character.

Not that there's anything wrong or character-defaming about being an atheist, much less associating with an atheist, or taking his money (Dan Roemen still takes my cash for groceries)... or leaving comments on an atheist's blog....


  1. It's a horribly deceitful advertisement. Shame shame on Elizabeth Dole. Oh how we hate to be misled!!! John Hess

  2. Sigh. One of my fellow DSU students posts an empty hateful comment with foul language. I have to take time out of my busy day to edit for hiim/her so his/her message can still be shared without the cuss words. Oh well...

    "I'm a DSU student. I stumbled upon this blog awhile back, and have followed it somewhat ever since. Just want to let you know that the blog in its entirety is the biggest crock of liberal [baloney] I have ever seen.

    A Pro-Life, Anti-Gay, McCain/Palin supporting DSU student who also voted for Joel Dykstra and Chris Lien." —anonymous 10/31/2008 12:46 PM

    With supporters like those, who needs opponents?

  3. Pro-life and anti-gay? Sounds like horseradish on blueberry pie to me.

  4. I heard this ad. It's pretty ridiculous, and I totally agree that the defamation suit is awkward at best.

    There's a growing number of Americans who aren't religiously affiliated. The last number I saw was 16%. They might not all refer to themselves as atheists or "godless," but they don't identify as religious.

    As bad as this ad was, it was annoying to see atheists thrown under the bus as well.

  5. I pray for you every day, Cory, knowing that you understand religion, but are not a believer yet. You're still a talented writer and your writings will only gain wider appeal as you learn to trust in the Lord.

  6. I consider myself a religious person most of the time... I just like sleeping in on Sundays and watching my Vikings try to win a game.


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