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Friday, October 31, 2008

Share the Wealth: Who Said It?

Here's today's quiz—no prizes other than what you take from it: a chuckle, enlightenment, whatever you like!

Who said the following as a positive defense of specific socialist government policies?
We can afford to share resource wealth...

...unique fiscal circumstances... warrant a special one-time payment to share some of the state's wealth....

...it's collectively [citizens who] own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.
  • A. Barack Obama
  • B. Karl Marx
  • C. Che Guevara
  • D. Hugo Chavez
  • E. Sarah Palin
Here, watch this video while you think about your answer...

...and the answer is... E. Sarah Palin!

Share the wealth! Share the wealth! Even Sarah Palin believes it's a good idea. I'm surprised freedom-loving Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (alias "Joe" the "Plumber") would even stand on the same stage with the socialist McCain-Palin ticket.


  1. What Palin is doing isn't any more than a corporation raking in a big profit and paying it back to their shareholders. As Palin said, the residents are the shareowners and they are getting part of the profit back. That's a far cry from jacking up taxes on big corporations to raise money to fund programs that may or may not work.

    Nice try..

  2. ...expdect she's not paying money to shareholders who've bought into a particular company. She's handing money to every man, woman, and child (!) in Alaska. Gov. Palin is jacking up fees on bg corporations to give money to citizens... who may or may not work.

    Nice try, indeed! :-D

  3. Thanks for all those unnecessary words(...) Just because your mind might wander off doesn't mean it's irrellevant.

    Cory, Don't forget to vote...Twice.

  4. Actually, you were the one person I didn't expect to fall for this. This isn't taking from one part of the citizenry of Alaska and giving to another, it is Alaska, charging companies to profit from their resources and then dividing that pot equally among all Alaskans. Your assertion would have more relevance if she were taking those monies and giving them to other states.


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