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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Results Straight from Secretary Nelson's Awesome Website

If you want to follow South Dakota's election results, your best source might be Secretary of State Chris Nelson's website. Sure, you'll find all the numbers there, vote tallies and turnout by district, county, and precinct. But there appears to be something new, something I don't recall from 2006: maps. Yes, maps!!! Move the mouse, and up pop little numbers! Totally awesome!

Who says government can't do anything right? Of course, that remains to be tested tonight when the results start pouring in and thousands of us flood the system to see who wins. But if all those tally sheets and maps work... oh yeah, that's what e-government should look like. I'll be clicking there all night long!


  1. As I scrolled down the left side of your blog site, I noticed that Sarah Pailin has had a profound effect on you, since you've written so much about her. I believe your exact words in your opinion disclaimer are, "and as someone who gives a good gosh darn about his community, his country, and the truth." Truly Pailinesque and I'm proud of you.

  2. Associated Press put a notice out to news directors that Minnehaha County results are going to be reported differently than many other counties, with the absentee ballot votes not counted until the end of the night. AP says that this could make a difference in tight races.



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