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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Excuses: Vote Vote Vote!

One of Madison's Finest sends me this article on astronauts voting from the space station. These astronauts are traveling 4.8 miles per second 180 miles above the ground in a bunch of strung-together tin cans, and they find time to vote.

My fellow South Dakotans, a good third of you have already voted. Kudos. The rest of you—no excuses. No blizzard, no wind chill, no meteor strikes... it's a beautiful day for a drive (or walk! or bike ride!) to the polls. Eat your breakfast, look up your polling place, review your sample ballot, then do like our astronauts:

go vote!


  1. Am I supposed to vote 3 times? I just voted once.

  2. Oh, wiseguy!

    Actually, I'll be casting 17 votes today: Pres., Sen., Rep., PUC, State Senate, 2 State House, 3 County, 4 Amendments, 3 Initiatives.

  3. You can save yourself some time by voting straight ticket, according to your blog messagees. I will be voting McCain-Pailin and an assortment of other Rep & Dem candidates.

  4. If you don't vote Libertarian, don't come crying to me when McCain or Obama screw up this country even more!

  5. I want McCain to screw up this country!
    Because, I want to be able to start a business without the fear of being TOO successful!


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