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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gov. Rounds Drops Wireless Campuses, HS Laptops from Budget!

More from Governor Rounds's budget address: As he rolls through the "We don't have the money to do it" portion of the speech, he mentions the "modern mobile computing system" that the Board of Regents want, a system he says universities around the country have recognized they need.

Rounds also mentions "Classroom Connections Year 4": "Long term it is the right thing to do," but Rounds says he can't recommend it.

So if I just heard right, Governor Rounds has just declared dead the South Dakota Board of Regents plan to turn every state university campus into wireless computing zones and the expansion of the high school one-to-one laptop computer program. Uff da!


  1. Not dead - delayed! Probably for the next governor to take on.

  2. Absolutely not dead. He said that he couldn't pay for them in general fund dollars. The Regents are going to pay for the whole thing in a pay day change from state employees and all of the rest in exorbitant student fees. The state can't pay for it, but they can sure charge students for it.

  3. Anon 2 would be correct there. The new BOR plan has a $7 per credit student fee as the main ongoing funding vehicle.

    Light some fires down there at DSU in opposition. We need you schools in it to speak up about it. We're burning the midnight oil up here at SDSU!


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