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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Governor Rounds: "Basics" Include Subsidizing State Fair

I'm trying to do homework while listening to the Governor's budget request on South Dakota Public Radio. It's not working.

Among the budget details: As Governor Rounds declares that he is requesting nothing but the basics for next year's state budget, he asks the Legislature to move the $800,000 state subsidy for the South Dakota State Fair from special appropriations to the base budget.

Evidently we are to conclude that, in Governor Rounds's interpretation, subsidizing the State Fair is a basic, essential part of a bare-bones state budget. And if I recall my numbers properly, the number I just heard the Governor request represents a 6.7% increase from the $750,000 subsidy doled out to the State Fair by the 2008 Legislature.

Get out your meat cleavers: it's going to be an exciting session.


  1. Good lord, I can't wait until we can get rid of him.

  2. I pose this question: Is it leadership to stand before the SD Legislature and give a list of programs that we can't afford? Like extending health care to pregnant? I'd like to do it but we can't afford it.

    I could send my 7 year old and do that good of a job.

  3. The South Dakota State Fair should be a bidding process, allowing our ten largest cities to submit proposals to host the State Fair each year. The State would provide $250,000 toward the winning city's costs and it would become a self-sustaining fair through either increased vendor fees, admission, concert tickets or taking a percentage of vendor sales. Huron should not have the unfair advantage of hosting the State Fair each and every year. Why not Aberdeen, Yankton, Pierre or Rapid City? Give the fair some life.

  4. The thing is Huron is "kind of" in the middle of the state.

    What I'm wondering is when Rounds made the statement about cutting unnessary state travel, if that includes the various state governor's conferences or whatever they are called, that are held in various parts of the country.

  5. On travel, Anon, actually, yes. Gov. Rounds skipped the governor's conference today in Philadelphia (missed a chance to jawbone President-Elect Obama). He says he's also skipping a state government conference in Omaha Friday and the Presidential Inauguration in January.

  6. Rounds mentions that he'll travel less, making it sound like he is truly cutting back, but it may just be that his kids are out of school now, so he doesn't have to chase after them with his friends in tow. Either way, it is less travel at our expense.

  7. How about selling our state planes and getting rid of the pilots? Take the Bus my good friend show that you are a true republican and believe in fiscal solvency.

  8. Take the bus???? Have you checked a schedule lately and seen just where you can get on a bus???!

  9. hey is we are what 48 or 49th in pay then our state workers should travel like the bottom half has to live. take the bus.

  10. Take the bus indeed. I'd be happy to take the bus from DSU to the next out-of-state academic conference... if there were any buses making those trips. Someone post a link to the bus schedule for passenger (not tour/charter) bus lines from Madison to Minneapolis, Chicago, Lincoln, etc., and I'll be there!

  11. Is there even a passenger bus route anyplace in SD anymore?


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