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Saturday, December 6, 2008

MHS Custodians Overwhelmed by Mundt?

The Madison Central School Board agenda for its Monday, December 8 meeting includes a couple of custodial personnel actions. Long-time grounds and maintenance chief Dennis McCracken has submitted his resignation, effective this coming New Year's Day. The board will also take up a request to hire Riki Hansen to replace custodian Herman Winter.

No word yet on whether Herman and Dennis are leaving due to feeling "tapped out with cleaning and locking up the high school and middle school" during the Mundt debate tournament. Of course, when I worked with Dennis during Mundt, he never seemed the type to shy away from hard work. But for those of you applying for Dennis's job, remember: if high school principal Sharon Knowlton asks you whether you think cleaning up after a debate tournament would be an "overwhelming" task that's just "too big" for Madison High School, the answer she wants to hear is yes.


  1. Yeah, those debate tournaments can get pretty crazy. Back in the day we would leave the rooms trashed, light fixtures ripped out of the ceiling, blood, mud, 3X5 evidence cards and debate flow charts everywhere.

    It's no wonder the MHS custodial staff is leaving.

  2. Dennis McCracken, who has been retirement eligible for a long time, has faced a series of health issues recently and doesn't shy away from workload as anyone who knows him will verify.

  3. Now I'm confused Cory. Which conspiracy theory came first: Roswell, JFK or the Mundt Tournament?

    Maybe it's a quantum theory thing where the result caused the action and our future is changing our past.

    Care to comment on the unified theory of everything, parallel universes or why my son can't find his homework in the morning after I spent 5 hours helping him with it the night before.

  4. Did you check the dog?

  5. Conspiracy theory, Anon? Actually, it's the liberal secular humanist education establishment trying to rewrite Republicans right out of history. Senator Mundt was a famous Republican....

  6. i love my dad and will always love him,this is coming from texas

  7. Anon, your dad might appreciate the thought even more if you left your name....


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